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NBX010: Single Channel NetPlay audio player
Product ID: NBX010
NBX010: Single Channel NetPlay audio player

Single or dual channel NetPlay audio player

Model NBX010       

People have audio spread out everywhere these days; on their phones, iPods, tablets, PC music libraries, in (several different) clouds, internet radio, cable boxes, Blu-ray.  Don't deal with the hassles of consolidating and constantly synching all these, just make sure they can all play when needed. Video Storm's NBX010 makes it easy to integrate all these sources with your in-wall speaker systems.  Take your audio matrix to the next level with direct audio streaming from Video Storm.

NetPlay audio renderers will give you a simple one step method to play all your mobile device's music to any room or group of rooms. NBX010 will support a single network stream, or two simultaneous network streams with the optional 2nd stream license.  NetPlay audio gives you support for virtually all mobile devices and file formats.

NBX010 now includes full support for Logitech media server (also know as Squeezebox).  It will support a squeezelite player and a native logitech media server on a single device!  Link for details

Netplay allows you to easily add these popular services to your project:

  • iOS, Android, and Windows (mobile & desktop) direct audio streaming
  • Pandora, TuneIn, Spotify, Slacker, Last.fm, Sky.fm, and many more audio services with full control integration
  • Integrated music library (including iTunes) via Logitech Media Server (Slimserver) without a PC
  • Cloud based music library support
  • Full hi-res cover art and metadata for all your music regardless of source

Dual channel output option
NBX010 now has the option to add a 2nd output channel with the purchase of an optional software upgrade license.  Select the "2nd stream license" when purchasing this device to preinstall, or purchase this later as a downloadable field upgrade.

On NBX010, you will also need to purchase a USB digital extender to enable the second audio stream.

The NBX010 has the following capabilities:

Network audio rendering  
A network audio renderer is a virtual speaker or group of speakers that other applications can connect to and use for audio output.  NBX010 supports multiple audio streaming formats to enable compatibility with most devices.  One or two independent audio renderer streams can be played at once.

NBX010 has a revolutionary patent pending algorithm that allows you to control an external matrix directly through Bonjour or Upnp.  This feature allows you to customize up to 48 different audio groups that can be directly selected by the user when connecting to NBX010.  Each of these groups can trigger a unique matrix switching function which will intelligently route the route that stream to all the appropriate speakers in one step!  See the link above for full details on how this will greatly simplify the user experience.

Some examples of how you can use the audio renderer channels:
Streaming audio from your smart phone to your in wall speaker system (all phones supported either natively or through free apps)
Streaming audio from your home media server to your in wall speaker system
Streaming audio from your Logitech media server to your in wall speaker system
Audio backchannel support over Ethernet (send audio back to the rack from each TV, requires VRX at each TV)
Generic DLNA renderer which can play to all your in wall speakers


Network audio players
A network audio player application is a user interface that enables creating connections between audio sources and audio renderers (player applications are also known as "control points").  NBX010 supports both external player applications and locally executed/hosted applications.  Since NBX010 is an open system, additional player applications can be added easily.
Some examples of external player applications:
    Android DLNA remote controls
    Control4 Navigator
    Windows Media Center
Some examples of locally executed player applications:
    Pianobar (Pandora streaming)
    Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox)
    Control4 or other control system media library player application


HDMI output
Full 1080p resolution HDMI output to display hi res cover art and metadata.  Digital audio is also present on this port.



Control solutions
Full control of all network audio functionality AND external matrix functionality through any one of several network interfaces (Web, Telnet, SSH).  Automatic discovery algorithms such as Control4 SDDP, Bonjour, and UPnP making connecting and configuring the switch easy.  NBX010 also supports an optional USB RS232 output which can be used to control external devices (via Ethernet).

Optional USB accessories
  • USB to RS232 cable:  Purchase this to control any CMX or VMX matrix switch from NBX using our IOS apps
  • WiFi adapter:  Enables wireless ethernet connection
  • USB audio analog codec:  Professional quality analog stereo input and output
  • USB audio digital extender:  Professional quality audio extender with stereo, coax, and toslink outputs
  • USB external hard drive (for AV libraries if you don't use NAS) (not sold here)    

3rd Party software
NBX010 is an open platform.  This means that just about any program designed to run on Linux can be easily ported to this device.  Contact us for more details on how to customize your network audio player.

Special NOTE:
We are continuously improving and adding capabilities to this product through new internal and 3rd party software.  All new features can be easily enabled by running our web updater and then selecting the desired features through the web config interface.  Some features on the website may be work in progress, and other new features may not be shown here.  Here is the latest NetPlay feature support matrix.

Unit includes:

  • NBX010 network audio player
  • 5V power supply
  • 1 year warranty


  • Digital audio renderer (playback) device
       Multi format and multi standard digital audio streaming from network sources
       Digital volume for all outputs
       Consumer quality stereo audio output
       Professional quality digital audio via HDMI
       Optional professional quality USB audio options (optical, coax, stereo, stereo capture)
       1080p HDMI output for cover art
       Automatic discovery via Upnp/Bonjour/others
  • Digital audio players
       Plays music/audio from network storage or internet sources
       Dynamically routable to any CMX-A2 output or outputs (analog or digital)
       Configuration by web interface, telnet, or RS232
  • Ethernet control
       Fully configurable, supporting all commonly used options
       Stable and reliable Linux networking stack
       DHCP or static addressing
       Control socket via Web page, Telnet, or SSH
       Control4 SDDP support
       Automatic discovery via Upnp/Bonjour/others
  • USB Host port
       Used for expansion, such as wireless, Mic input, Bluetooth, etc
  • RS232 output
       Ethernet => RS232 capability to control external RS232 devices via optional USB/rs232 adapter
  • Flexible, open platform
       Linux based system which allows easy addition new 3rd party audio players/codecs
  • Enclosure
        Eco friendly PLA plastic enclosure
        VESA mounting holes
        Small enough to easily mount behind TV:  4.3" x 2.4" x 1"
        Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Internal design
        High speed ARM processor with hardware accelerated AV datapath
        Linux operating system with 8GB of removable flash storage
        Fully digital datapath

NBX is only available through authorized dealers

Dealers please login and CLICK HERE to order

Control manual (pdf document)

Driver setup

Instructions for renderers        LMS setup instructions


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