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NTS100:  Video Storm iPad app adapter
Product ID: NTS100
NTS100: Video Storm iPad app adapter

NTS100: Video Storm iPad app adapter to Control CMX and VMX component switches via iPad

Model NTS100       

Legacy product. NOT recommended for new installations. 

There are hundreds of media players on the market (Roku, Apple TV, Boxee, Goggle TV, etc).  Ours is the first designed to be simple to integrate in your system.  While the competition is pushing proprietary solutions that try to lock your customer into one brand or ecosystem, we use open source community developed media players that support everything on the internet and in your home.  Then to complete the solution we add customized software for each supported control system, simplifying your install and making it work the way YOU want it to.

Video Storm media players make your installation headache free and give your customers access to more media than anyone else.

Home automation features
Ethernet control features allow external control of matrix switches, your TV, and XBMC by supported control systems or mobile apps.

  • Ethernet to RS232:  Control any CMX or VMX matrix switch from NTS using our IOS apps
  • Ethernet to CEC:  Control your TV via Ethernet using CEC built into the HDMI connection
  • Ethernet to XBMC:  Control XBMC via Ethernet     
  • Ethernet to GUI:  Send notifications and user messages to the local display & audio from supported control systems

Media player features  
NTS100 uses XBMC as its main media player engine.  We believe that XBMC is the most powerful, flexible, and universally compatible player available.  Here is a very abbreviated list of some of the most important features.

  • Extensive video and audio library support (NAS drives, other servers, etc)
  • Playback of virtually any video or audio format (up to full HD 1080p)
  • Playback of any media from the internet or cloud applications  (literally thousands of add-on channels to choose from)
  • Supports video and audio renderer playback from any mobile device (virtual speaker and screens for your phones and tablets)
  • Supports HD video streaming from IP security cameras
  • Easy to use ADD-ONs allow new internal channels to be dynamically added whenever they become available
  • Many different user interface skins to choose from
  • Open source, community developed and supported platform with millions of users worldwide

The best way to explain what it can do is just to show you.  The videos below give you a look into the various ways it can be used.

XBMC overview

Music and video libraries using the Aeon skin

Internet video and add-ons

Streaming audio and video from mobile devices

Using a remote control app

Please visit XBMC.org for tutorial, setup guides, and hundreds of ways XBMC can bring your home theater to life.  

Control options for XBMC

  • External TCP control  (control system drivers)
  • Control by integrated web server (web pages)
  • Control by Android or IOS apps (many available)
  • Control by USB MCE IR remote
  • Control by USB or Bluetooth keyboard/mouse
  • Control using the TV remote and CEC back to XBMC   (XBMC can also control TV through CEC)

USB expandability
NTS100 features two standard USB host port for expandability.  Supported or planned modules include wireless Ethernet adapters, Bluetooth adapters, Microphone inputs, USB storage, and others.

Video Storm offers affordable customization options on NTS100.  Customization options include different/redesigned enclosures, customized software, and customized control options.  Please contact sales for details.

Optional accessories

  • USB to RS232 cable:  Purchase this to control any CMX or VMX matrix switch from NTS using our IOS apps
  • Bluetooth adapter:  Purchase this to enable Bluetooth remote controls or Bluetooth streaming audio
  • MCE remote:  Optional wireless IR remote to control NTS100
  • MPEG2/VC1 license:  If you use mpeg2 or vc1 formats in your library, purchase this license
  • USB external hard drive (for AV libraries if you don't use NAS) (not sold here)
  • Wireless keyboard:  Logitech K400r is recommend (not sold here)         

Special NOTE:
We are continuously improving and adding capabilities to this product through new internal and 3rd party software.  All new features can be easily enabled by running our web updater and then selecting the desired features through the web config interface.  Some features on the website may be work in progress, and other new features may not be shown here.  Please contact sales@video-storm.com or call us for the latest information.

Unit includes:

  • NTS100 device with 1 year warranty
  • USB power supply and cable with 30 day warranty


  • HDMI output
       Autoconfigable resolution, up to 1080p60 or WUXGA
       CEC bidirectional control
       Digital audio support, including multichannel audio formats
       No HDCP copy protection (DRM free sources)
  • Network  
       RJ45 autosensing network jack, 10/100 Mbps
       Wireless connection via optional USB dongle
       DHCP or static IP addressing (DHCP preferred)
       Configurable host name and UUID
  • USB
       2 x USB 2.0 host ports
       Built in support for most peripherals (keyboards, remotes, mouse, bluetooth, wifi, mics, hubs, etc)
       Supports Network to RS232 functionality with optional USB dongle
  • Audio
       Analog stereo output via 3.5mm stereo jack
       Digital audio output via HDMI
       Support for audio streaming from internet or any mobile device
  • Power
       Micro USB port for power, require 700mW (3.5W max)
       Designed to use either the USB port on the TV OR USB wall charger for power
  • Cvbs video
       Standard definition cvbs output
  • Flexible, open platform
       Linux based system which allows easy addition of new 3rd party AV players/codecs
  • Enclosure
        Eco friendly PLA plastic enclosure
        VESA mounting holes
        Small enough to easily mount behind TV:  4.3" x 2.4" x 1"
        Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Internal design
        High speed ARM processor with hardware accelerated AV datapath
        Linux operating system with 4GB of removable flash storage
        Fully digital datapath


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