CSM42 Test Data

The data shown below was taken on the CSM42 switch by Video Storm.  Inputs are actual video signals from a test pattern generator.  All images are taken from a Tektronix digital sampling scope. 

Noise spectrum was measured by Tektronix VM700 video measurement system.  The noise spectrum through the switch was 62.5 dB.  The noise spectrum of the video source directly to the VM700 was 62.5 dB.  The CSM42 was not adding any noise to the video signal.

1080i HDTV multiburst pattern:

This pattern is a minimum to maximum frequency sweep in 1080i.  CSW02 performs very well, slightly less than -0.1dB down at 30 Mhz.  This switch is ideal for 1080i & 720p HDTV.  Top is input, bottom is CSM42 output.

30 Mhz pulse:

This is a zoomed in picture of the 30 Mhz portion of the sweep pattern. The multiburst signal is passed correctly by the CSM42.  The double image on the output trace is the persistence of the scope capture, not jitter or noise.  Top is input, bottom is CSM42 output.



We measured crosstalk with flat white field on input 1 and interfering multiburst patterns on the other inputs.  The noise floor raised by only 4mV when all signals were active.  The CSM42 has excellent isolation.


Long cables:

The CSM42 was tested with 100 ft coax cables.  The output showed no degradation.


Digital audio transcoding:

This was testing on over 30 different manufacturers equipment.  CSM42 perfectly converted Digital coax to TOSLINK and vice versa.