Coupling debug instructions for CMX86 family

Currently there are NO known compatibility issues with the factory default settings for the CMX86 family.  If you encounter loss of sync on the display, please do the following.

  1. Bypass the CMX by connecting the source directly to the display.  Verify that the loss of sync does NOT occur using direct connection.

  2. Select "CFC" on the front panel of the CMX.  Press and hold the right button for 6 seconds then release.  Cycle the DC power on the CMX.   (Note that this will erase any Zerokey codes you have stored)

  3. Reconnect the source/display through the CMX and retest.  If the issue is not resolved, please contact

=>  If the CF4 setting is on (O), this can cause loss of sync.  The CFC proceedure above insures this is cleared to CF4F.