Driver Download Page



Our Control4 drivers are written and supported by Video Storm.  This are full 2 way drivers completely integrated within Navigator.  All switching and volume control functions are fully supported.  Use right click and "save link as" to save these driver files to your c4/drivers directory.

NetPlay Video C4 drivers

NetPlay video drivers support all the functionality of NetPlay video and are completely free

Please see the setup intructions for how to setup and configure these drivers.

Full NetPlay Pro/Home system driver avswitch_netplaye__ip__videostorm.c4i

IRUSB C4 Drivers

Use right click and "save link as" to save these driver files to your c4/drivers directory..

Standalone IRUSB driver for complete IP control of Fire TV, Shield, etc mediaplayer_android_irusb.c4z
App mini drivers for IRUSB (provided by RussellB on
Standalone IRUSB driver ONLY if using multiple IR outputs on single device avswitch_irusbe__ip__videostorm.c4i
Chowmain Kodi driver with support for IRUSB and VRX Kodi (C4, Elan, URC) Chowmain drivers (external site, not free)

Digital Signage C4 drivers

Our Digital Signage drivers support both Cloud and local control for Lumi TV and SplashTiles and are completely free

Lumi TV driver (Cloud and Local) lumicloud.c4z
NetPlay Cloud driver (SplashTiles) npcloud.c4z


NetPlay Audio C4 drivers

NetPlay audio drivers support automatic switching, volume forwarding, transport controls, full Squeezebox integration, and are completely free.

Please see the setup intructions for how to setup and configure these drivers.

NBX/NAB media service proxy driver (composer 2.6 and later) NetPlay_Audio.c4z
NBX/NAB ipod proxy driver (composer 2.5.3 and earlier) ipod_nbxe__ip__videostorm.c4i
Includes support for CMX1616A2 NAB100 board avswitch_cmx1616a2_(16x16)e__ip__videostorm.c4i
Includes support for CMX3838A2 NAB100 board avswitch_cmx3838a2_(38x38)e__ip__videostorm.c4i
NetPlay Audio ARC (Audio Return Channel) driver avswitch_ARCe__ip__videostorm.c4i
NetPlay Audio FWD (Digital audio forward transport) driver avswitch_FWDe__ip__videostorm.c4i


CMX and VMX C4 drivers

Our base driver supports seperate audio and video switching, while the advanced driver supports complete independant control of all signal types.

Most of our CMX drivers are now officially certified with Control4.

The latest drivers (2.7) have added programmable volume ramp speed for C4 ramping and internal ramp speed settings.

The following two drivers have been enhanced to improve the switching speed for Composer 1.82 and later.  Please note that they REQUIRE CMX firmware version 2.7 or later for reliable operation

avswitch_cmx_(allmodels_AV)e__serial__videostorm.c4i   (For all CMX switches 8x8 and smaller)

avswitch_cmx_(allmodels_advanced)e__serial__videostorm.c4i  (Use this if you require digital and analog audio to switch seperately)






avswitch_cmx1616AV_(16x16)e__serial__videostorm.c4i (Uses single rs232 to control a CMX1616V & CMX1616A)


avswitch_cmx1616av_(Advanced2)e__serial__videostorm.c4i (16x16 coax digital using cvbs ports)


avswitch_cmx1616a_(Advanced)e__serial__videostorm.c4i (Use this if you require digital and analog audio to switch seperately)

Obsolete drivers

The drivers below will still work in Composer 1.82+, but do respond slower.














avswitch_Video Storm LLC_HMX44.c4i


Video Storm and RTI have developed 2 way drivers for the CMX, CMX-A2, IrUSB, and NetPlay Audio and Video product lines.  Please see the setup intructions for how to setup and configure these drivers.

RTI has included the full RS232 command set for the CMX series in their master library.  These codes allow easy integration of 1 way driver functionality.



Paramount automation provides and supports our free Savant drivers.

videostorm_netplayvideomatrix16x16.xml    NetPlay video driver    NetPlay audio drivers for NBX/NAB    CMX-A2 audio switch drivers


Crestron CMX-A2 and NetPlay Audio module: CMX-A2-NAB

Crestron IRUSB module: IRUSB on github

Crestron SystemBuilder compatible module:

This module is very simple, it contains every possible direct command, for example V0101, V0102, C11D etc (thousands of commands) . Inexperienced Crestron programmers/dealers would likely use this module since they are apt to use the SystemBuilder software which is very "wizard like".


Crestron SIMPL Windows compatible module:

This module is complex, it allows a source device to be switched to multiple outputs simultaneously (the equivalent of entering V0101 and V0102 in rapid sucession). Of course it can also be used to just do a simple switch (the equivalent of V0101 simply). Experienced Crestron programmers would use this module. It provides stateful feedback of what the status of each output is, so the GUI can display what the status of each switch port is currently set to. It is very nice and full featured.  Volume control support coming soon.


Pronto / URC

The CCF and PCF files here contain all the IR codes needed for control by Pronto or URC remotes.




Generic HEX IR

These HEX format files give all the IR codes for our switches.  You can use these to integrate IR control with any other remote or control system.



Please refer to the IR tutorial and our online IR code function mapping when using the HEX codes.