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NetPlay Home Gaming

NetPlay supports the latest game streaming technologies for whole home gaming. NetPlay uses nVidia Game Streaming technology which is specifically designed for the best distributed gaming experience! 

First, make sure you are using nVidia Shield as your NetPlay decoder in every room you would like to play games.

Shield is the premier gaming hardware for all the latest games and game streaming services!  It also makes the best NetPlay Home decoder available.  Make sure you purchase a few Shield gamepads (or compatible Bluetooth gamepads) for gaming.  They can be shared throughout your home. They easily pair to each Shield locally, so no worries about range.

You can enjoy all the following gaming services throughout your home using your Shield NetPlay decoders.  These services all offer saved game cloud synchronization, so you can seamlessly play on any screen you like.  nVidia is the world leader in gaming, so new services always land on Shield first!

Stream from the cloud to each TV

Google Stadia is a latest subscription gaming service which allows you to play all the latest games on your Shield for one low monthly price. This service is run by Google and currently has the best lineup of AAA games! You can also play Stadia games on your tablets.
GeForce Now is a cloud based gaming service direct from nVidia. GeForce now offers many great games for free with your nVidia shield purchase. It also offers direct cloud streaming on many games you aleady own in your PC Steam gaming library.

Stream from your gaming PC to each TV

PC Gaming has many advantages over consoles. First, the games are much less expensive (no "console tax" to pay). Second, you have a much larger library of games to choose from. Finally, when you purchase the game license you can play on any screen using the direct streaming methods below. Your PC is also a must for the latest Virtual Reality gaming.
nVidia GameStream technology allows you to stream your entire PC game library to all the Shields in your home. Enable GameStream inside the GeForce Experience software on your gaming PC and then let it find all your games. Then just select the game to play from any of your Shields (in the GameStream app, or from the dashboard). Your Shield or Bluetooth controllers provide full control including local CO-OP play!
Steam Link allows you to stream any of the PC games in your Steam libaray to your mobile devices (tablets, phones). You can use this in conjuction with GameStream if you want to play on your mobile devices.

Play Android games locally at TVs

nVidia Games is the Shield online game store where you can purchase Shield exclusive games for download and play directly on your Shield devices.
Google Play is the largest online game store where you can purchase the latest games for download and play directly on your Shield devices.


If you are using older gaming consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Wii) with an HDMI output, we do not recommend encoding the HDMI output for distribution.  Modern games requires zero latency, so the small latency HDMI distribution introduces would degrade the gaming experience.  These older gaming consoles should be physically located with the individual televisions.



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