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VTX100: Netplay Video Encoder with Audio

VTX100: Netplay Video Encoder with Audio

Video Storm Netplay video multichannel encoder

Model VTX100

NetPlay AV allows you to distribute live content protected HDMI content across your standard Ethernet home network.  This next generation technology will completely replace HDMI matrix switching, delivering new features, flexibility, and an integrated user experience.

Video Storm Netplay streaming media players make your installation headache free and give your customers access to more live, stored, and cloud media than anyone else.

VTX100 is the source encoder for the NetPlay Video system.  It allows you to add any HDMI source to your NetPlay video system.  Purchase 1 VTX100 for every 2 HDMI sources (dual channel encoder).

Thinking about installing a HDMI/HDBaseT matrix switch?  Click here to see why Netplay AV is better.

Netplay AV features  
Live HDMI video streaming via any standard IP network.

  • Live HDMI (HDCP) streaming over your local 100Mbps network
  • Unlimited scalability.  Build the exact solution you need and add sources or TVs at any time (up to 1000 sources & TVs)
    • One encoder per HDMI source  (VTX100 is our NetPlay encoder solution)
    • One decoder per TV (VRX020 is our NetPlay decoder solution) 
    • IP cameras (h.264 or MJPEG) integrate directly without needed to buy VTX100 (up to 1080p)
    • Support for inexpensive 3rd party sources such as HDHomeRun cable / terrestrial sources, and network video recorders
  • Supports all video formats up to 1080p60 with optional 3D
  • Supports all major audio formats (DTS, Dolby, AES, PCM, etc)
  • Video automatically scaled and/or deinterlaced at each decoder independantly
    • TV never has to resync
    • Every TV always receives the highest resolution possible
  • Best audio stream automatically selected or downmixed at each decoder independantly
    • Simulataeous support for multichannel and stereo
  • Play up to 6 streams at once on your TV  (3x2 video grid)
  • Fully sychronized customizable video wall support (up to 32 displays)
  • Stream live video directly to mobile devices
  • Play any media files stored in NAS libraries via built in XBMC on every VRX020
  • Customized Digital Signage application for commercial installations
  • CEC, IR, and RS232 control at each TV via VRX020
  • Advanced Bluray codec for the highest video quality
  • Install in well ventilated area
  • Internet required for firmware updates

Demonstation videos  
Videos showing basic and advanced features of our NetPlay distribution system.

Encode capabilities  
Each board supports 2 live HDMI source inputs

  • Multi resolution encoding up to 1080p60
    • 2 HDMI sources encoded at full resolution (up to 1080p60, optional 3d)
    • Both HDMI sources also encoded at sub resolutions
    • Allows support for performance limited mobile devices, computers, or control systems as displays
    • Allows streaming via the internet (watch your home sources anywhere)
    • Allows video mosaics (video grid arrays)
  • All streams can be multicast or unicast via UDP or RTP
  • Support for multiple encryption technologies (including HDCP)
  • Support for multiple video codecs
    • H.264 (Bluray) is our preferred Codec and supported by all NetPlay devices
    • Mpeg2 and MJPEG also supported for compatibilty with other decoders
    • JPEG stills supported for control systems

Audio capabilities  
Each board includes a GHz DSP for audio transcoding.

  • Audio streams automatically transcoded to provide support for all decoder capabilities
  • Each video stream will include both multichannel audio (if available) and stereo audio
  • Supports all major audio formats (DTS, Dolby, AES, PCM, etc) 

Video quality enhancement
Each board includes one color processing engine for video quality enhancement.

  • One of the highest quality video enhancement processors on the market
  • Adaptive local and global contrast improvement
  • Intellegent color saturation maximization with flesh tone, grass tone, and sky tone preservation
  • Perceptual color mapping insures natural looking outputs

You have to see it to believe it.  Here are some comparison images.

Control options
VTX100 is controlled via TCP control socket protocol or by HTTP requests (to internal web server).  VTX100 also has internal web pages for setup and debug.

USB expandability
VTX100 features a standard USB host port for expandability.  Supported modules USB storage.

Special NOTE:
We are continuously improving and adding capabilities to this product through new internal and 3rd party software.  All new features can be easily enabled by running our web updater and then selecting the desired features through the web config interface.  Some features on the website may be work in progress, and other new features may not be shown here.  Here is the latest NetPlay feature support matrix.

Unit includes:

  • VTX100 enclosure includes 2 or 4 encoder channels (2 channels per board) with 1 year warranty
  • 12V power supply with 30 day warranty

Specifications (per encoder board):

  • 2 HDMI inputs
       Autoconfigable resolution, up to 1080p60 or WUXGA
       Digital audio support, including multichannel audio formats
       HDCP copy protection to enable support for DRM content on both inputs
  • Audio
       1 Analog stereo input via 3.5mm stereo jack
       1 Analog stereo output via 3.5mm stereo jack
       1 Digital audio output via OPTICAL
       2 Digital audio inputs via HDMI
  • Network  
       RJ45 autosensing network jack, 100/1000 Mbps
       DHCP or static IP addressing (DHCP preferred)
       Configurable host name and UUID
  • USB
       1 x USB 2.0 host ports
       Built in support for USB storage
  • Power
       12V/2A DC power
       <20W power per board when encoding
  • IR
       2 3.5mm IR outputs to control both sources
       1 3.5mm IR output to control a display
  • RS232
       RS232 port via 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Enclosure
        Black steel rack mountable housing   17" x 13" x 1.75"   (1 RU)
        Optional rack mount ears
        1 or 2 encoder boards per enclosure
  • Internal design
        High speed ARM processor, DSP processor, Color processor,  GPU, and 3 1080p60 video encode/decode engines
        Linux operating system
        Designed and manufacture in the USA

VTX100 is only available through authorized dealers

Setup instructions

NetPlay Protocol manual (pdf document)

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