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IRUSB:  USB IR transceiver

IRUSB: USB IR transceiver

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IR control is a part of your everyday entertainment experience.  It is simple to use, affordable, and works with nearly all consumer devices.

DIY product: Easy to set up, even easier to use, and super affordable.  See how IRUSB can add easy automation to your home! IRUSB now works with Android cable boxes.

For required hardware, click here.

Supported devices (Android v7.1 or later):

- Amazon Fire TV 4K
- Amazon Fire TV Cube
- Amazon Fire
- Amazon Fire Stick
- Amazon Fire Stick 4K
- nVidia Shield Pro
- NEW Chromecast Google TV
NOTE: Fire TV Gen1 and Fire Stick Gen1 will not work since they have no USB data support (power only).

FREE Control4 and RTI drivers

Amazing functionality packed into a tiny device

Will you be using IRUSB with a NetPlay Home system?

(please click on a TAB below for details on YOUR use case)

IRUSB with NetPlay Home

Will you be using a Home Automation Controller or just IR remotes to control your AV system?

(please click on a TAB below for details on YOUR use case)

IRUSB without NetPlay Home

What will you be using IRUSB for?

(please click on a TAB below for details on YOUR use case)

NetPlay Home with a home automation controller

- IRUSB is added to each NetPlayTV zone that needs IR control
- IRUSBs are added to NetPlay Manager for each source the needs IR control
- NetPlay Manager handles all IR routing
- Simply connect NetPlay Manager to your home automation system using the NetPlay drivers
- NetPlay Mobile can also provide full system control without needing an external system

Control NetPlay Home with universal IR remotes

- IRUSB connect to each of your source devices and every room
- Use your favorite universal IR remote to control everything!
- IRUSB will forward IR commands from each room to the selected source device automatically
- No need to purchase and program a home automation system!

Home Automation Controller Integration

- IRUSB provides fast IP control for your Android devices
- Integration with most 3rd party control systems
- FAST menu navigation and control
- Direct App launching
- No rooting or ADB needed!
- Device PLAY status readback
- IR control for nearby devices
- IRUSB driver information

IR to/from Cloud integration

- Use Alexa to control all your IR devices
- Send IR commands from Cloud services or HTML REST API
- Capture IR remote keys and send to Cloud services
- Integration with SmartThings, IFTTT, and more
- Python API for advanced users
- NetPlay Cloud information

Device GUI and Menu Control

- Use any IR remote to control your Android or Linux devices
- Amazon Fire TV/Stick and nVidia Shield remotes are Bluetooth, not IR
- IRUSB allows you control these devices with your favorite IR remote instead!
- IRUSB also provides a simple Network API for device menu control
- USB HID technology provides immediate and responsive control from IR or IP
- MUCH faster than using ADB for remote control!

Setup / Configuration

- NO setup required for IP control
- IR remotes can be loaded from our database
- IR remotes can easily learned by IRUSB
- IR remotes can be saved to NetPlay Cloud and loaded on any other device

  • NetPlay Manager or VRX020

  • Raspberry Pi 0 W or other models

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • nVidia Shield or other Android TV devices

  • Amazon Fire Stick

  • Sony Android TV

  • Android Tablets or Phones

Platforms supported by IRUSB


Pre-installed support for IRUSB on VRX020 and NetPlay Manager
Disk image with pre-install support for IRUSB for Raspberry PI 0 W
Driver package for self install for other Linux Platforms

Android and Android TV (v7.1 or later)

Free IRUSB Android and Android TV APP for all functionality
Available on Google Play
Available on Amazon Appstore
Simply download our app, then plug in IRUSB to the USB port

USB hardware

IRUSB is a standard USB 2.0 device
Compatible with USB hubs and adapters
1 IRUSB for each device you want to control
Use USB hubs to attach more IRUSB devices
NEW For Chromecast with Google TV, make sure to get the USB C adapter with ethernet.

For Amazon Cube, remember to get the micro USB adapter and wired ethernet adapter.

For Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, remember to get the OTG adapter cable, and if using wired ethernet, wired ethernet adapter also.

IRUSB is designed to be nearly invisible. 

It is smaller than a standard USB cable, doesn't need a power supply, and the IR transceiver head is tiny and colored to blend in with AV gear.

IRUSB features
- IP control of Android devices
- Network to IR output
- IR reception to network or HID
- Cloud integration
- USB CDC for IR
- USB HID for device control
- FREE Control4 and RTI drivers
- NEW Can be controlled by SplashTiles for turning on/off TV along with Alexa skills

IRUSB specifications
- Power supplied by USB (no external power supply)
- USB connector
- IR flasher output (bottom)
- IR detector input (top)
- 3 ft USB cable terminated with IR transreceiver (16mm x 12mm x 4mm)

Unit includes:
- IRUSB cable
- 30 day warranty

DIY Instructions:
Quick Setup Guide (Fire TV, Shield)
Complete Setup Guide

FREE Driver Download (C4, RTI)
IRUSB API (Protocol Manual)
NetPlay Cloud


If you need additional SUPPORT on this DIY product, please File A Ticket.

No account needed to order this product. International orders, please use Paypal button at checkout.


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