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NAB100:  NetPlay expansion board for CMX-A2 series

NAB100: NetPlay expansion board for CMX-A2 series

NetPlay audio expansion card

Model NAB100       

People have audio spread out everywhere these days; on their phones, iPods, tablets, PC music libraries, in (several different) clouds, internet radio, cable boxes, Blu-ray.  Don't deal with the hassles of consolidating and constantly synching all these, just make sure they can all play when needed. Video Storm's NAB100 makes it easy to integrate all these sources with your in-wall speaker systems.  Take your audio matrix to the next level with direct audio streaming from Video Storm.

Netplay Audio allows you to easily add these popular services to your project:

  • iOS, Android, and Windows (mobile & desktop) direct audio streaming
  • Pandora, TuneIn, GoogleMusic, Spotify, Slacker, Last.fm, Sky.fm, and many more audio services
  • Integrated music library (including iTunes) via integrated Logitech Media Server (no PC needed)
  • Cloud based music library support
  • Full hi-res cover art and metadata for all your music regardless of source
  • Complete integration in Control4, RTI, Savant, and more

NAB100 features
NAB100 is our 8 stream NetPlay Audio integrated player.  Please click each feature for detailed descriptions.

The NAB100 is the network audio expansion board for the CMX-A2 series DSP audio switches.  It is not a stand alone product, but must be installed in the CMX1608A2, CMX1616A2 or CMX3838A2.  Please select either factory installation or field installation when placing your order.  For factory installation, you will need to return your switch to our factory.  The installation takes 2-4 business days plus shipping time.  For field installation, the board will be shipped to your address and you will be responsible for installation.  Please review the installation manual before selecting this option to make sure you feel confident installing this product yourself. If you need a standalone product please use NBX100.

Demo videos
Videos showing NetPlay Audio in different system integrations.

Control solutions
Fully integrated in Control4, RTI, Savant, and more.  Full list of drivers.

Optional USB accessories
  • USB external hard drive (for AV libraries if you don't use NAS)   

Special NOTE:
We are continuously improving and adding capabilities to this product through new internal and 3rd party software.  All new features can be easily enabled by running our web updater and then selecting the desired features through the web config interface.  Some features on the website may be work in progress, and other new features may not be shown here.  Here is the latest NetPlay feature support matrix.

The total number of streaming channels possible will depend on both your network performance and the CPU utilization required by each audio format.  Each streaming audio channel takes from 0.2 to 1.7 MBps network bandwidth.  Current CPU performance is around 9% per stereo channel with encryption and lossless compression enabled (less if these are not used).  A typically 54MBps wireless network without strong interference can handle about 8 concurrent high quality audio channels without frequent disruptions.

Unit includes:

  • NAB100 network audio board with 1 year warranty
  • Installation cables


  • Digital audio source (transmitter) device
       Up to 8 simulataneous zones of audio streamed to the network
       Dynamically selectable from any CMX-A2 input (analog or digital)
       RTSP/RTP streaming
       Automatic discovery via Upnp/Bonjour/others
  • Digital audio renderer (playback) device
       Up to 8 stereo simultaneous sources streamed from the network
       Dynamically routable to any CMX-A2 output or outputs (analog or digital)
       RTSP/RTP streaming
       Automatic discovery via Upnp/Bonjour/others
  • Digital audio players
       Plays music/audio from network storage or internet sources
       Dynamically routable to any CMX-A2 output or outputs (analog or digital)
       Configuration by web interface, telnet, or RS232
  • Ethernet control
       Fully configurable, supporting all commonly used options
       Stable and reliable Linux networking stack
       DHCP or static addressing
       Control socket via Web page, Telnet, SSH, or RS232
       Control4 SDDP support
       Automatic discovery via Upnp/Bonjour/others
  • USB Host port
       Used for expansion, such as wireless, Mic input, Bluetooth, etc
  • RS232 input and output
       Ethernet => RS232 capability to control external RS232 devices
  • Flexible, open platform
       Linux based system which allows easy addition new 3rd party audio players/codecs
  • Internal design
        High speed ARM processor
        Linux operating system with 4GB of removable flash storage
        Fully digital datapath
        Designed and manufactured in the USA

NAB100 is only available through authorized dealers

Field installation video

NetPlay Protocol manual (pdf document)

Setup instructions

Volume control app note  


Dealers please login first and then CLICK HERE to order

Replaced by Ethernet controller option on CMX1616a2 and CMX3838a2 products

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